Benefits of multi-platform digital signage software
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With digital signage software, users can manage their content centrally and share it on their display network. Using a Content management system (CMS) enabling content sharing on different platforms to manage digital signage provides many important benefits:

Compatibility with several types of displays

Digital displays can have different screen sizes, resolutions and operating systems. With multi-platform digital signage software, users can choose any type of equipment they want. For instance, they can use System on chip (“SoC”) digital displays with integrated players such as LG WebOS Smart Signage Platform or Samsung Tizen Smart Signage Platform, or external Windows digital players (Windows, Android, Linux, BrightSign, Raspberry Pi, etc.). Furthermore, with this option, the digital signage network does not need to have the same equipment or operating system.

Flexible deployment

Users can share their content on various platforms without having to worry about the different operating systems on their display network. Everything is seamless and transparent: there is only one version for all the operating systems, which helps save time significantly.

Centralized management

Software supporting displays through different operating systems enable you to manage all your digital displays from a cloud-based interface which can be accessed anywhere and through any device. Content creation, editing and planning can be executed from a single platform, which makes content easier to manage and update on all of your displays.

Regular updates

Multi-platform digital signage software updates are scheduled regularly to ensure continued compatibility with the latest versions of the operating systems and, at the same time, to add new features. This ensures software will always be up to date technologically and that security will always stay strong.

In conclusion, using a multi-platform digital signage solution to manage a digital signage network ensures compatibility with many different types of displays, enables a flexible, centralized and convenient way to manage your content, and provides updates consistently. This way, users can optimize the efficiency of their digital signage network, save time, and take advantage the latest features as well as benefit from enhanced security.


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