Surviving Adobe Flash Player's end of life
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The year 2020 was a year of change in many aspects, from the economy to our life habits. Technology has also been impacted by these changes, and many companies will have to adapt their computer language significantly: from January 1st 2021 onwards, Adobe Flash Player will no longer be used. Web browsers, even the ones provided by Microsoft and Google, will stop supporting it. This means nothing less than the death of Adobe Flash Player.

What are the consequences?

All software still using Adobe Flash Player will need to be converted into other programming languages, which will require significant development time.

In other words:

Make sure your dynamic signage tools will continue to display your messages (sound and image).

If you are the type of manager who sees the inner workings of information technology as a foreign language reserved to technicians, programmers and your service provider, always remember: as a decision-maker, you must assess a product’s specifications and look at “the flip side of the coin”, “under the hood”, or “backstage”. The expression used is not important – what does matter is to know the language spoken by a software: it is vital for communication! Don’t forget: if your dynamic signage system uses Adobe Flash Player, your main communication tool will die at the same time as the software.

Here is what you should know to stay ahead…and not be left behind!

Ask yourself: is your software using Adobe Flash Player?

If the answer is yes, the countdown has begun! It’s time for you to work toward a solution (and to read this until the end).

Be proactive and choose a trusted partner to operate the change.

We strongly recommend communicating with your dynamic signage service providers. If they haven’t already warned you of the coming change, they may be overwhelmed by the death of the software – otherwise, why did they wait this long to offer you solutions? Considering whether you should change service providers could ensure your business continuity and resolve many issues before they even arise. Choosing a dedicated communications expert will bring you peace of mind and ensure a seamless and efficient technological transition.

Be informed

Did you know that, as a platform used for the production and display of interactive multimedia content, Adobe Flash Player changed the face of the internet? However, even though it had a positive impact on the experience of internet users, technology always moves forward – and Adobe Flash Player now belongs to the past. The software has even been disabled by default on Google’s Chrome web browser. To learn more, visit the Adobe Flash Player End-of-Life General Information Page.

Apply the solution

To ensure an efficient and seamless transition and to prepare for 2021, you know now that a technological upgrade is inevitable. For instance, replacing Adobe Flash Player by HTML5 is one of the most widespread solutions, and is exactly what ITESMEDIA suggests. The hyper-performant ITESLIVE software uses HTML5 and JavaScript technologies for broadcasting needs, combined with Microsoft’s world-renown technologies.

You haven’t begun to operate the change?

It’s not too late! With over 16 years of experience (of success and technology breakthroughs in dynamic digital signage!), ITESMEDIA ensures you have access to the latest software versions for your applications and can meet the latest technology requirements from the market. And more importantly, you will have all the tools you need to communicate securely in a language that is compatible worldwide!

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Join the leader in dynamic digital signage today and call: 1 866 553-5462. Adobe Flash Player may no longer be with us, but with ITESLIVE and ITESMEDIA, your dynamic digital displays will be more alive than ever!


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