What are the different components of digital signage?
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Digital signage is a communication tool used in various industries and for different needs. Whatever the intended purpose, completing a project takes a minimal amount of equipment. Digital signage requires two (or three) main components: the software, the monitor and the digital signage player (optional).

The software

The software is your communication control center. It lets you create, manage and share multimedia content on any device with a screen – televisions, monitors, tablets, video walls, screensavers, or interactive terminals or kiosks. All these operations are executed through a web interface that allows you to manage the content wherever and whenever you like. Also, it is usually possible to share default content (weather, RSS feeds, templates, etc.). In short, digital signage software helps you display the information you wish to share anytime you like.

The monitor

No matter the location where you wish to display content or the type of equipment you are using, a screen is essential to bring your communications to your audience. As such, the best choice is a digital signage monitor: they can be used 24/7 to continuously display messages, and they also provide a greater screen brightness. This type of screen can also be equipped directly with digital signage software, which means you will not need to use external equipment to install it.

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The digital signage player (optional)

Digital signage players can be described as a bridge between the software and the monitor. In other words, the software tells what needs to be displayed to the player, and the player then shows it on the monitor. Digital display players can be external (in which case they are installed behind the monitor), or already be integrated to the monitor (SoC), as mentioned above.

These three components (software, monitor and digital signage player) are essential for any digital signage project. Since digital signage software have many different features, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with them before making a purchase.

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