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Digital signage is an excellent internal communication tool that should be a part of your digital transformation process. This communication solution can coexist harmoniously with the other tools used by your company – not to mention that internal communications are at the very heart of digital transformation.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a concept that has many different definitions based on growth, new technologies, innovation or the adoption of new solutions. In this context, the most accurate definition of digital transformation is:

“The realignment of, or new investment in, technology, business models, and processes to drive new value for customers and employees and to effectively compete in an ever-changing digital economy.”[1]

Investment in technology is an important factor we need to keep in mind, and is comprised of many different definitions. Investments in technology are made with the goal of creating value for customers and employees. When we think about digital transformation, we usually refer to tools such as Big Data, artificial intelligence or automated processes. However, something that often overlooked is the investment in tools to improve internal communications, even though they are at the heart of digital transformation.

Why is internal communication at the heart of digital transformation?

There are two main reasons: technology and corporate culture.


It is important to consider internal communication technologies. Investing in internal communication tools greatly improves messaging efficiency within the company. Tools such as digital signage, email and instant messaging (“chat”) are used to share various kinds of information, and each one is used differently. For example, digital signage is leveraged to share important messages that must be remembered, whereas chats are for cases when an employee would need to ask a quick question to a co-worker.

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Corporate culture

The second key element is a more personal approach: corporate culture. Undertaking a digital transformation necessarily means that changes will happen within the organization. To ensure seamless changes, proper internal communications are essential in order to create the ideal environment to implement them.

Why should digital signage be a part of your digital transformation?

Technological investments in communication tools facilitate communications with your entire workforce. It then becomes easier to explain reasons behind various transformations, and helps provide reminders about processes and explain the benefits of the changes being implemented. Employees will always be more receptive to changes if they understand their benefits as well as the reasons why they happen.

What makes digital signage a great internal communication tool

In the case of a manufacturing environment, there are few ways to reach employees working on the production floor. They can’t access their phones or a computer during work, and seldom have a work email address, which limits the number of options for sending them messages. Paper signs can be used, but they aren’t very dynamic, and are a chore to keep up to date. Another possibility is one-to-one or team meetings, which are a great way to explore a subject in more detail (for training sessions, for example). However, they are not as efficient or optimal if your goal is to follow up with reminders. Digital signage is much more adapted to this type of communication because messages are shared continually – this solution provides reminders almost subliminally. Also, the content can be automated, which means it is possible to connect to software (creating data linked to company performance for example, such as ERP data) and to automatically display this information on the screens.

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Which types of messages can be shared to improve internal communications using digital signage?

Real-time key performance indicators (KPIs)

KPIs enable efficient decision-making as data is shared in an appealing visual presentation (tables or graphs), which makes it faster and easier to read. Many different types of real-time KPIs can be automated, such as actual versus planned production, or the progress of particular projects. It’s also a great way to engage employees and encourage them to reach common goals set out by the company, and to provide visibility towards their progression.

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OHS messages

Employees can often forget the importance of safety guidelines. Workplace accidents can be reduced by using digital signage to share safety and prevention messages. By displaying important safety reminders, you can help avoid potentially serious accidents – and even save lives.

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Organizational messages and HR communications

Share messages from the organization or from HR to bring your teams together. You can send messages about your company’s culture, its mission and its values, highlight employees’ successes, or even celebrate their work anniversary or their birthday. These messages all help create a friendly work atmosphere and chemistry, and improve employee engagement both between colleagues and towards the company, which is an important benefit – especially in the current context where finding qualified employees is a challenge.

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Digital signage is the perfect tool for your digital transformation: it enables the automation of communication processes and the adoption of new technologies, and can vastly improve your corporate culture.

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[1] Whitepaper « Six Stages of Digital Transformation », Altimeter, a Prophet Company ​


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