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Digital signage monitors are a great way to share information with employees who do not have access to a computer or their cellphone at work. Also, paper posters are not the ideal way to communicate with employees because keeping information up to date can be challenging, and they aren’t as eye-catching.

1. Share data in real time

It is possible to automate various types of content on digital signage monitors (such as production units, inventory management and product quality reports) and share it in real time. This data can usually be displayed as tables or graphs to make it both interesting and easy to understand. Sharing this information is also a good way to improve productivity.

2. OHS prevention

Dynamic digital signage lets you raise awareness to occupational health and safety measures, for example by sharing short videos, images or messages. You can warn your employees about the possible hazards near them, display safety measures, remind them to be vigilant and share emergency messages. In short, occupational health and safety reminders are very important and can help reduce the number of workplace accidents.

3. Emergency messages

Employees can quickly be informed in case of an emergency and see the safety measures directly on the digital signs. Emergency messages can be triggered on specific displays or, depending on the type of situation, on the entire signage network. If equipment is damaged in a specific department, it may not be necessary to share this information quickly throughout the entire factory. However, in case of a fire, all the displays in the factory can be used to indicate the location of the nearest exit.

4. Meetings and training sessions

Digital signage can be used to share various types of content, for example reminders for meetings or upcoming training sessions. It’s possible to share only the basic information, such as the name of the training or the meeting, the location, the date and the time. This way, you make sure your employees will be aware of the training offered and will know how to sign up.

Dynamic digital signage lets you share information easily, instantly and in a visually inviting manner with employees who don’t have access to technological tools on their workplace.


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