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We are living in an age of instant wireless communications. Customers, agents, and brokerages can be more interconnected today than ever before. The internet and cellular technologies have allowed agents greater flexibility in the way they work, and many agents are eschewing the office in favor of more flexible work schedules and locations. However, some brokerage owners may have found that these technological advances have been made at the expense of agent engagement and a cohesive office culture. A new tool being used by tech-forward brokerages to combat this phenomenon is dynamic digital signage.

Dynamic Digital Signage, You Say?

That’s right! Dynamic digital signage is so much more than just scrolling banners or slide shows on a television monitor. While many are aware that digital signage is an effective tool for communicating with customers, it is an equally effective way to communicate with agents and office staff. Today, digital signage is an integrated communications solution that can push customized content to any screen you choose, whether it be a tablet, mobile device, desktop screensaver, high-resolution office window display, weatherproof outdoor screen, or remote interactive kiosk. Digital signage helps your employees receive office communications as though they were in the office when instead they might be meeting with a client at a property or catching up on emails between closings off site.

Improved internal communications can have a host of benefits for your brokerage. Read on to learn about just a few of them.

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Increased Engagement

Agents and staff want to be informed of what’s going on. Making sure people are up to date is a best practice for all businesses across markets and industries. Louis-Philippe Péloquin, Director of Communications at ArcelorMittal, said that since installing digital signage, he “no longer hears employees say, ‘I didn’t know.’” Is everyone at your brokerage always in the know? If they are, they’re likelier to be engaged. According to the Harvard Business Review, engaged employees miss work less often, turn over less frequently, produce higher quality work, and are healthier[1]. Furthermore, engaged employees are 87% less likely to quit their jobs, according to the Hay Group. Read more about increasing employee engagement with digital signage here. Prioritizing engagement is a proven strategy for not only recruiting the best agents, but retaining them as well.

More Motivation

Motivated employees are more productive. Digital signage solutions are a seamless and real-time means for motivating your agents. Brokers can connect their databases and sales trackers to digital signage software that displays metrics like sales volume, number of closings, and number of active listings per agent. Top agents are recognized and praised for their hard work, inspiring friendly competition among colleagues.

Higher Satisfaction

According to BCG, employees who feel appreciated, who feel like valued members of a team, and who identify with their company’s values are much happier at work[2]. Dynamic digital displays are a very public way to easily recognize agents for the quality of their work, wish them a happy birthday, celebrate their growing families or personal milestones, or announce promotions. Investing in digital displays is a way to show your agents that you care—both about them and about the longevity of your business.

Internal communications are as important as customer communications, if not more. The benefits of effective internal communication cannot be understated. Add dynamic digital signage to your internal communications strategy today. To learn more about how one real estate brokerage owner, Claude Allard, radically changed his business with digital signage solutions, read our full case study.

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