Digital signage to improve occupational health and safety
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According to the CNESST, there have been 18,814 workplace accidents1 in the manufacturing sector in Quebec for 2019. Furthermore, according to the IRSST, the average cost of an accident is $34,8692. As such, manufacturing companies make occupational health and safety (OHS) a priority. However, companies are faced with an important challenge when communicating with their employees, since these can’t access a computer or their cellphones on their workplace. In this context, apart from verbal reminders, the only way to inform employees and share reminders with them is using digital signage. Installed at strategic spaces in the factory, these displays can be used to share information quickly and in real time. Here are a few examples of messages you can use to improve health and safety at your workplace using digital signage.

1. Inform employees about risks and hazards

One of the best ways to improve OHS is to keep employees mindful about risks and hazards at their workplace. For instance, if a factory’s ambient noise levels are high, it can cause permanent hearing loss for employees who are exposed to it without proper protection. The following image is an example of what could be displayed on digital signage monitors.

Digital sigange_OHS

Many customizable images and templates such as the one above are available for free in the ITESLIVE platform specially designed to improve occupational health and safety as well as well-being.

2. Share OHS reminders

People tend to forget; that’s why it’s essential to share OHS reminders. Digital signage is an effective communication tool that enables the repetition of OHS messages, ensuring that messages will not only be seen, but also remembered. This tool also provides the important benefit of automating the display of OHS messages depending on the time of day, work shifts, or location of the display, ensuring the right message is shared with the right audience.

3. Share statistics

Share statistics related to workplace accidents in your company, such as the number of days since the last accident, the month where the most accidents occur, the number of accidents since the beginning of the year, etc. You can also congratulate employees when you reach a record number of days without an accident. This way, everybody will work together towards the same goal: reducing the number of workplace accidents.

Simply put, digital signage helps prevent accidents and creates an environment where your employees can feel safe. You can also use it to improve employee retention while providing a safer work environment for your workforce. 


1 La CNESST en bref - année 2019

2 Rapport R-922 de l’IRSST


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