How can you leverage digital signage in waiting rooms
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Sitting in a waiting room, have you ever felt like minutes had much more than sixty seconds? Did you know you could help your customers have a better time in your waiting room by getting their attention?

Dynamic digital signage is a winning solution for both businesses and their customers; not only can the displays entertain customers waiting for an appointment, but they can also be used as an outstanding communication channel to keep patients informed.

An entertaining waiting room is a fun way to promote patience and provide information to your customers!

Whether at a private medical clinic, a hospital, a dental office or the vet, people waiting for an appointment with a healthcare professional are often nervous and insecure, and most of them wish that time would go by faster. Dynamic displays offer a solution that meet many different needs and can target different audiences.

First and foremost, the customer experience is improved: displays immediately attract the attention of people arriving in a waiting room. The content provided by the dynamic displays is tailored to the customers’ needs, and information can be shown in various forms:

  • Entertain through quizzes such as “Guess who?”, “Spot the mistake” or multiple-choice riddles based on themed content;
  • Provide an estimate of waiting times;
  • Broadcast news tickers to provide information such as weather forecasts, news and traffic conditions.

Employees can then leverage the knowledge customers have acquired while waiting for a consultation. The information presented on the displays facilitates customer management because:

  • People find answers to frequently asked questions, which in turn frees up time for office clerks;
  • Guidelines are explained with words and images, which makes them easier to understand. Whether for sanitary or safety measures or for parking information, these repeated messages are simpler to follow, and receptionists no longer need to communicate, explain and repeat these instructions.
  • The room’s floor plan and patient follow-up systems can also be shown on dynamic displays, indicating for example where people need to go. This will lighten the workload of specialists, nurses and receptionists.
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Lastly, digital signage is still the preferred communication method to promote services and products. In medical or veterinarian settings, this can take many different forms, such as:

  • Promote a particular product such as a new kind of cat food;
  • Advertise the company’s social media and increase the number of followers on its official page;
  • Promote contests and guide customers to the company’s website;
  • Introduce specialists with pictures and a short biography.


Vet clinics can prioritise pet health, emergency clinics can display rules of conduct, room planning and definitions of priority codes, and health clinics can promote healthy eating and benefits of exercising or explain patient preparation before a consultation. The possibilities of dynamic digital displays are almost endless!

There are many subjects to explore, a vast choice of ways to present widely diversified and personalised content, as well as an amazing amount of benefits for customers, patients, employees and specialists. Dynamic digital displays such as those offered by ITESMEDIA have everything you need to entertain and inform your customers and complement your service offering.

Contact the leader in dynamic digital signage now at 514-642-3790. You can make waiting times profitable both for your customers and your business!


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