3 benefits of digital signage for retail stores
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What differentiates your business from your competitors? Digital signage is a competitive advantage. The goal for all retail stores is to draw the attention of potential customers, to create an atmosphere and to mention promotions.

Generating traffic for your business

The first contact people have with a business is with its windows. One of the main advantages of digital signage is its ability to attract people inside your store. Consumers are naturally drawn towards screens, and their attention is caught by them. Therefore, digital displays in windows engages them with promotions, new arrivals, videos, etc. In short, it’s a great way to stand out from the other neighboring stores.

Crate an atmosphere

The atmosphere in a store is of the utmost importance: customers must feel good when visiting, and everything needs to be pleasing to the eye. Here is a great example of an impressive video for the Victoria’s Secret store in Montreal. This video wall is visible from the entrance, catches the eye of customers, and becomes a source of entertainment for them. This creates an atmosphere which, in this case, expresses femininity. To entertain people, it would even be possible to add the video of the launch of the new collection. In other words, when it’s easy to add and display content, it’s simple to test new ways of creating an atmosphere and entertaining your customers.

Victoria's secret - video wall

Display promotions

In most stores, an employee will greet customers and tell them about current promotions; however, customers will forget about them just a few moments afterwards. To make sure consumers keep your promotions in mind, display them on your screens. For example, frequent promotions are “2 for 1” or “Buy one item, and the second is 50% off” – so why not share your most popular 2 for 1 combinations (e.g. jeans/shirts or jeans/belts) on your screens? It would inspire buyers and increase your sales at the same time. Stand out from the competition by displaying content your customers will enjoy

Whether it’s to draw your customer’s attention, create an atmosphere or share promotions. Use digital signage software to quickly and easily create, manage and display your content. Try it for free right now!

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