Using digital signage to communicate with employees working remotely
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In the last months, most of us have been working remotely – some happily, others less so. This change is a direct consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic and foreshadows a world where work will likely migrate towards a hybrid model. This is a significant challenge for companies looking for efficient ways to communicate with their employees. Here is a little-known fact: digital signage, which is a popular tool for workplace communications, is also an excellent way to reach employees working remotely.

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From the walls to your computers, tablets and mobiles

Digital signage usually means monitors hanging on walls; however, their reach is much greater as it is possible to display the same content on computers, tablets and mobile devices. As such, digital signage is a global internal communication tool that makes it possible to display the same information on screens in the workplace as well as on devices used by employees working at home or on the road.

The solution: web links

Using simple URLs, you can now create unique communication channels and share them with anyone you like. You can therefore manage your message list within your content management software in the same way you manage your message lists for your digital displays. In other words, your content is managed in a fully transparent manner, no matter the end device displaying the information to your audience. Here are some use cases:

  • Open the URL directly from a browser on your computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Integrate the URL to your employee portal or your intranet to display the content in a section in particular.
  • Display the URL content when the computer is in screensaver mode.

Web links are an easy way to share information you are managing in your digital signage content management software, but it is sometimes preferable to choose options other than URLs. As such, the ideal solution is to choose a multiplatform solution (read: Dynamic signage: The benefits of a multi-platform solution).

More than ever, the concept of “workspace” includes working remotely, and digital signage is a tool that can help companies to adapt to this new reality. After all, we are used to access digital content on different types of devices wherever we are. In the end, any device with a screen can be used for digital signage, whether users are at the office, at home or on the road.

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