Taking advantage of your customers’ waiting time
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“This is taking forever.” How many times have you heard this? A great way to avoid client frustration from waiting times is to communicate with them. Whether installed at the entrance, at the checkout counters or elsewhere in your business, digital signage will draw their attention quickly, and is much more engaging than paper displays. Realize the potential of these locations and these moments, and turn long waiting times into profit opportunities.

Leveraging digital signage for your customers as soon as they come in

Because of COVID-19, many rules have been put in place which, at first glance, might hamper the client experience. You can benefit from these waiting times as soon as your customers enter your business, for example during the first moments when they are sanitizing their hands. The limited number of people allowed in businesses and mandatory hand sanitizing protocols can be turned into opportunities to improve customer experience. You can also share relevant information such as promotions for certain products, contests or sanitation guidelines. Use these moments to share interesting content with your customers.

Taking advantage of lineups at the checkout counter

Most of the aisles leading to the checkout counters have selections of products that draw the consumers’ attention. You can take advantage of lineups to the checkout counters to display promotional content. For example, in grocery stores, we usually find bubble gum, tabloids and chocolate bars. They are placed in these areas to encourage impulse buying. Setting up displays at these locations would increase sales for these products. For example, displaying a video of a simple recipe from a cookbook sold near the cash registers could drive sales for the book, as well as for some items required for the recipe, such as the chocolate sold next to the checkout counters. Entertaining your customers with promotional content can increase your sales.

Review waiting moments in your customers’ path

Your customers might be waiting in front of the deli counter, or in line while their shopping cart is being wiped clean. No matter where they wait, reviewing the path your customers are following in your business will help you find other places where it would be interesting to entertain and inform them through displays. Keep in mind that the goal is to improve their experience in your business.

In short, digital signage is a great way to drive sales and keep your customers informed while making waiting times seem shorter for them. Digital signage software will allow you to manage, create and display content on all your screens, and you will even be able to do so remotely.

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