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When choosing a digital signage solution, it’s important to consider the free content it offers, as it can save considerable time and money. Here are the many different types of free content you can share on your digital display network with ITESLIVE. 


An extensive image bank (300+ images) is available in the ITESLIVE platform. All images are categorized by theme (health and safety, celebrations, “Did you know?”, etc.) and by resolution to help you find images more easily. Images can be shared directly, or they can be leveraged during the template creation process.  


Customizable templates

 The software offers a customizable template bank (200+) at no additional cost. Choose the ones you like, and use them as they are or customize them quickly to adapt them to your style. All you need to do is write your message and share it on your selected displays. You can also easily create and edit templates in the software using the template content editor.  



ITESLIVE enables you to leverage the millions of videos offered on YouTube and Vimeo and share them on your display network. The ITESLIVE platform lets you share as much video content as you like. You can show videos that promote your products and your services or testimonials from your satisfied customers, as well as import videos of all format types that are already hosted in your ITESLIVE software.

Social media 

 Using the templates offered by ITESLIVE, you can easily share content from your social media platforms (Facebook). This feature helps you save time significantly, as the content shared on these social media platforms can be sent automatically to digital displays without having to be copied in the software a second time. 

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RSS Feed

Use the many RSS feeds offered for free to share live news from your preferred sources or road conditions in the area on your digital displays. 

All this free content will help you add content to your digital signage network, which ensures that you will catch the eye of your audience and always stay relevant and up to date. 


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