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Digital signage is an efficient communication tool that lets you share important messages with employees working either at home or at the office. However, as with any communication tool, you must use the right strategy to catch your employees’ attention, as they are already very busy. Here are four tips to help you do this.

1. Use the right channel

An omnichannel communication tool designed for employees lets you meet both their needs and their preferences. With the ITESLIVE omnichannel communication solution, you can share content on digital signage monitors, on your employees’ computer screensaver , directly in Microsoft Teams, online through an URL, or even through the intranet. This way, you will be able to share either different content or the same messages on each of these channels, and everyone will be able to stay informed by using their preferred channel.

2. Share eye-catching content

Attractive visual content is much more appealing. However, not everybody is gifted with graphic design talent, so creating an inviting and captivating finish can sometimes be a challenge. Some omnichannel communication solutions provide ready-to-share images (e.g., for holidays such as Halloween, Labour Day and Christmas). Some customizable templates are also available free of charge. All you need to do is write your message, and the visual will already be created; if necessary, you can then change the colors, the font, the size, etc. Also, an important element is the number of words used per slide; we suggest using a limited amount of copy to ensure the information can be read and understood by your audience at a quick glance.

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3. Ensure content is always updated and relevant

Content shared with employees must be perpetually updated to ensure you are always getting their attention. To keep content relevant and up to date, plan your content by applying end dates. For example, if you are creating a message about a team lunch planned on September 10, you can already set up an end date in the software settings (e.g., September 10 at 1 pm). This way, you’ll be sure to share current information. The digital signage software can also be linked to systems you are already using, such as real-time production data, which can be shared in an appealing visual presentation. This data can be shared continuously, and the information can be perpetually updated since it will be connected to the data hosted in your software.

4. Share content to “catch” your audience

To catch your employees’ eye, you need to share content that they will find relevant. Use one of the zones of your displays to share weather information, the news, the time, the traffic conditions, etc. Your employees will naturally be drawn towards one of these contents and look at the display; that’s when they’ll see both the “catchy” content and the important messages displayed in the other screen zones.

To draw your employees’ attention towards important internal communications, you need to leverage every communication channel at your disposal and share attractive, captivating and perpetually updated content.


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