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Digital signage is an ever-present part of our daily life. You have probably seen displays showing ads, restaurant menus, public transport schedules, etc. What is digital signage software, and what is it used for?

Digital signage software is a communication tool that helps users create, manage and share content. You can efficiently manage your content using a central hub from a remote location and through a web interface. Content can be shared on any device with a screen (such as televisions, monitors, tablets, video walls, screensavers and interactive terminals). Furthermore, most software is compatible with many different operating systems.

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A content editing feature (similar to Photoshop) is directly integrated into the software, which lets you create visuals right from the tool. Also, included visuals can be modified to fit different needs. Of course, you have the option to add different types of media (images, videos, web links, etc.), which makes content creation processes easier and more efficient.


Digital signage software has many different features that facilitate content creation and sharing. Features such as display schedules let users plan start and end dates for each content as well as repetition frequencies. This ensures that content displayed on the screens is always relevant.


Software is used to share content on a display network in just a few clicks, wherever the screens are located. Users can share their message lists as well as all types of sequences (clips) on the screens of their choice. Also, customized tags help sort content by theme, which makes sharing easier.

Digital display software helps organisations share their content seamlessly, and audiences can in turn benefit from clearer communications. Digital display software provides many other features, all of which improve the content creation, management and sharing processes.

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