Digital signage for funeral homes
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Digital signage monitors are a great way to make locations feel more modern and stand out from others by offering an even more tailored experience. Digital signage software streamlines content management, creation and sharing on your screens and improves your clients’ experience.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage software is designed to improve and facilitate communications. These must be easy to share by your organization and accessible to visitors. Digital display signage helps you create, manage and share multimedia content on monitors, tablets, video walls, screensavers or interactive terminals. This communications control hub helps you share the information you wish to display whenever you want.

Automated content

Funeral complexes usually use systems to display information about the deceased, such as their full name, their picture and their date of birth and of death. The source of this information can be connected to the digital signage software; therefore, when needed, screens placed in front of the rooms will display the hours they are in use as well as general information about the deceased. The advantage of this solution is that you only need to enter the information once to automatically update the content appearing on the screens, which eliminates the risks of errors that can occur while making the changes. Furthermore, managing rooms is easier for employees because all the information is written as the changes are made and is shared at the right time without requiring any additional manipulation.

Where should the screens be set up, and what should be displayed?

At the entrance

It is critical to leverage entrances to display content as they are the only place where visitors are guaranteed to see it on your screens. You can use them to share the daily schedule, i.e., the deceased’s name, the name of the room where the reception is taking place and the scheduled reception hours. You can also share various message types such as directions to important locations (washrooms, stairs, coat check rooms, etc.). Visitors coming for a loved one will feel reassured if they know where they need to go, and it will also be easier to orient themselves. Also, these messages enable you to share general information such as the time, the date and the weather.

In front of the rooms

In larger sites with many different rooms, it might be difficult for visitors to find the correct one – and in these types of situations, nothing is more embarrassing than entering the wrong room. To avoid awkward situations, set up a screen in front of every room displaying, for instance, the name of the room, the name of the deceased or of their family as well as the time of the reception (e.g., from 12 to 2 pm). You can also add a picture of the deceased; this way, families can find the location of the ceremony faster and easier.

Digital signage software facilitates content management and creation, and keeps information updated. This software streamlines the more technical aspects for digital network managers, improves visitors’ experience and helps save time and money. Furthermore, displays are a simple and useful way to add a modern yet subtle touch of modernity.


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