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This new feature lets you automatically share posts from your Facebook page, along with their related “likes”, through ITESLIVE’s dynamic digital signage software. You can now easily share posts and recommendations from your Facebook page on one or many different screens, and in the screen zone of your choice.

One of the benefits of this feature is the time it helps you save, because content posted on this social media can be automatically displayed on digital displays without needing you to copy them once more in the software. It also keeps employees, customers and partners informed and engaged with the company.

Some options


You can choose visuals directly through the digital signage software from the available templates, which can be used for either the main or the secondary zones. It is also possible to add a QR code to your posts, which will allow your audience to access the content. For example, if your post has a link to an article, people can scan the QR code and read the full article on their mobile device. Here are some available templates.

Template for posts with images and videos


Recommendation template (main zone)


Company page template (main zone) and recommendations (secondary zone

cover Facebook

Post (main zone) and company profile (secondary zone)
Post+cover Fb

Settings and display options

You can select the period to display (e.g.: current day, last 7 days, last month, etc.) for every Facebook template you are using. You can also choose the number of posts you wish to share.

In short, this new Facebook feature lets you share your posts, along with the recommendations on your page, with everyone you want. For any questions, contact us at or visit our online knowledge base.


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