When information spreads faster than a virus
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The Coronavirus world health crisis is taking the communications sector by storm, both in the media and in every aspect of our lives. Every company has unique messages to share, whether for increased hygiene measures or specific guidelines depending on the job type, and must deal with information that changes constantly.

This is a situation where digital signage can be the best way to communicate information within your company. Digital signage is much easier to understand than reading captions on a television screen on mute and can rapidly update information shared on many different screens (in less than two minutes). Information can be edited remotely through the software hosted in the cloud, and automation gives the opportunity to share news and stay up-to-date with the latest events in real time.

Consider the amount of e-mails you would have to send to constantly keep people informed about the latest recommendations from the World Health Organization. In this barrage of information, would paper notices on bulletin boards still be up to date? What if digital signage was THE right solution to reach the largest possible audience while ensuring that the information is reliable? Do you need advice? Call this number: 514-642-3790.

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