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Digital signage is a very versatile tool for broadcasting relevant information to your agents and customers. It can be used to:

ROI Calculator

You can make your screens profitable by offering advertising to your partners for example. We offer a price grid based on the number of advertisements that will be displayed and the location where the screen is located.

There are two options for the advertisement’s visual:

1. You can create the advertisement yourself directly in the digital signage software using pre-made message templates.

2. You can ask the company to provide you with a good-size image that you can include in your display.

To Convince Someone to Display Advertising

You offer the perfect captive audience and the opportunity to display an ad right when a consumer or an agent is looking for help. Think about the potential it can provide you; it’s an easy sell. Imagine, a home buyer is waiting in your lobby to speak with an agent or to sign a deal.

Other advertising media don’t guarantee the audience will be as accurate. While advertising in your office space, all customers are part of their target audience. Companies can even, in their advertising, offer a special discount only on your screens. This way they can quickly see their return on investment. It is cheaper to advertise on your screens than on social media.

Types of Businesses Can You Approach

You can approach any company offering services ( insurance company, mortgage bank, home inspector, notary, mover) to customers buying or selling their property. You can start by offering to the companies located in the same building as you are in or very close to your office. Look to local businesses that ask to attend your sales meetings. In short, the goal is for you to lower your monthly costs. For the company, it is to reach its target customers and for your customers, it is to have a relevant content. Everyone wins.

You no longer have to do without digital signage because with advertising you will be able to cover the monthly digital signage software costs and your partners will have advertising that targets 100% of their audience; it's a win-win situation.

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