Digital Signage Swiss Army Knife for real estate
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What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the words digital signage? Probably a screen with images and text on it, right? It’s true that most people associate digital signage with signs that provide instruction or information. But depending on how you use it, digital signage can serve as a variety of different tools to help you perform a whole list of tasks, just like a Swiss army knife.

Dynamic digital signage is a combination of durable, high-quality hardware—like screens and tablets—and the powerful functionality of customized cloud-based software. The software makes it possible to display content where and when you want across a network of screens and devices. But don’t limit yourself to just thinking about digital signage as a network of software-powered screens displaying listings in your windows. It can also serve as one or several of the following tools for your business:

Compelling Communications Tool

Digital signage is a powerful communications tool that helps you reach your agents and provide them with useful and essential information, whether they are on or off site. Use digital signage to schedule and notify your team of a meeting, inform them of office announcements, provide information that instills the values of the organization and office culture, and share important industry news.

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Advantageous Administrative Tool

Digital signage is also a useful administrative tool. Rather than having an office assistant figure out who is in the office when, use digital signage to track and display office attendance as well as available conference rooms in real time. Agents can easily tap themselves in and out as they enter or leave the brokerage without time-consuming logins or interruptions.

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Effective Engagement Tool

In addition to helping with communications and administrative tasks, digital signage is also a way to increase agent engagement. Digital screens can be customized according to where they are displayed, so internal information is reserved for agents’ eyes only. You can use digital screens in your back office to inform your agents that the brokerage has hit a revenue milestone or sold an important listing. It can also be used to display office statistics, performance indicators, and make important announcements. Agents can also be recognized for meeting goals and celebrating birthdays, making them feel appreciated and therefore more engaged in their work.

Multifaceted Marketing Tool

The best benefits of dynamic digital signage might be how it can be used in a marketing context. The most obvious benefit is the real-time updating of listings. Long gone are the days of paper listings and updating every listing by hand. New listings, including photos, videos, specs, price, and the listing agent’s name and contact information are automatically pulled from your internal software and displayed for clients to see. These listings can be displayed both inside and outside your brokerage as dynamic window displays or waiting room screens, or even remotely at an off-site location. The listings can be customized based on the location of the brokerage and the target clientele.

Digital signage is not a one-trick pony. Its benefits extend much further than the sleek hardware on your walls, in your hands, or on your desks. Brokers can revolutionize their communications strategies, simplify administrative tasks, increase employee engagement, and transform their marketing by implementing customized digital signage tools that fit their needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss what you need. To learn more about how digital signage is being used across an array of industries, check out these additional resources:


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