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As we previously discussed in the first article of this series, the real estate industry is increasingly using digital signage to communicate with clients. In the same line of thoughts, we would like to give you another example of the use of dynamic digital display but this time, in the food service industry.

In recent years, you may have noticed the rising number of digital screens in restaurants. Many fast food chains now use digital screens. Initially, these screens were used in restaurants to broadcast the menu just over the cash registers. It was an innovation for several reasons: the colors were dynamic, people had a sense of novelty and the paper menus were replaced for something greener.

digital signage menu

Easy to update and with infinite possibilities

Nowadays, the digital screens still serve the same purpose, but many new features are available. You can make your screen dynamic with scrolling menus; you can adapt the content of your screens based on the time of the day (breakfast, lunch or dinner); and as a restaurant owner or manager, you can easily change prices or feature specials or on sale items by updating your screens.

Dynamize your screens with tactile use for customers

You can also get touch screens and invite your customers to place their orders by themselves. This feature is recent, but is already very popular in fast food restaurants. With this type of screen, customers can go so far as to pay for their order without the help of a cashier.

For customers, there is still a sense of novelty and autonomy and it allows the restaurant owner to use more staff to execute orders in the kitchen. These screens are particularly helpful during high traffic periods and help the restaurant run more efficiently. Here’s an example of a restaurant located in a touristy region of Québec who wanted to dynamize the presentation of the menu.

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To finish, there are so many ways to use digital screens in the food service industry. You can get an interactive screen so that your customers can place and pay for their order at once, allowing you to use more staff in the kitchen, or display a different menu based on the time of the day, or feature your specials or on sale items in a dynamic way.

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