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Connecting home buyers and sellers may be job one for just about any real estate brokerage, but another big day-to-day task and worry for owner-operators is recruiting new agents and retaining the good ones already in place.

While closing deals is the ultimate key to happiness, digital signage technology can also have a big role in developing agent continuity - informing and motivating them, celebrating their successes and making these largely independent entrepreneurs feel comfortable and happy that they’re part of, and supported by, a larger, high-performing team.

With the right content management software, and displays positioned strategically around brokerage offices, important messaging can find its way in front of agents who are constantly on the go and may not have the time or inclination to read paper notices or brokerage email blasts.

So much of real estate is, of course, about the sales process, but brokerage owners should also be investing in technology that will help their internal communications.

Here, in practical terms, is how internal communications, using digital signage, can look inside brokerage offices:

Flat panel displays in the lobby/waiting area run content targeted to visitors, whether they’re potential buyers and sellers, or agent to recruit. Good management software can enable messaging geared to time, windows and the changing characteristics of who comes in through a day. Tools are available for front desk staff to easily customize messages to the people in the area, welcoming new agents or congratulating buyers and sellers who’ve come in for signings. As well real time and automated data feeds will continuously highlight agent birthdays’, new listings, top performers for the month, share community and office events.

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Interactive screens – populated in real-time by listing information and multimedia – can offer unattended home searching as clients wait for their agents. Agents and staff can easily “tap” to mark themselves in or out and the entire office can have visibility, including integrating the data into your front desk software if needed.

Displays located away from the “public” part of offices can perform a multitude of tasks, from automating notices, images and details of new listings or closed sales, to articulating the vision and action plan a brokerage has developed to deal with housing market volatility.

While there are many digital signage software options on the market, few have been written and tuned to the needs, processes and systems employed by the real estate business. ITESMEDIA in contrast, has worked directly with the real estate community for many years, offering a centralized system, dashboards, and deep data integration with brokerage systems. That means screens in offices can easily show agent profiles, transaction data, listing data, and use a template library to easily develop and execute an ongoing internal communications program.

Brokerages are busy, active and time-crunched environments. To make it easy, ITES has a turnkey offer that puts a team in steady touch with the brokerage leadership, developing visual communications that address a location’s specific needs.

Busy real estate agents can be very demanding, and digital signage is an ideal tool to quickly communicate to them when they’re in the office – and reinforce why being part of the team is invaluable, and why they need to stick around!


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