ITESLIVE now in Microsoft Teams and on screensavers
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Montréal, QC, March 31, 2021 - ITESMEDIA, a technological leader in digital and interactive signage software, is announcing that its ITESLIVE software is now integrated in Microsoft Teams and on screensavers.

Over the last 17 years, ITESMEDIA has stood out from the crowd for its clients and partners through its innovative spirit and its flexibility to adapt to the current and future needs of its customers. Today, in an economic environment where the hybrid work model is prevalent, ITESMEDIA has adapted and is launching a solution that helps organizations easily communicate with their employees, whether they are working from home, at the office, or on the move.

Through this integration, companies can add visual communication channels in Microsoft Teams and on screensavers and share them with their employees. This enables the sharing of messages, of key performance indicators and of relevant reminders across the entire company through a tool its teams already use. This integration provides the following benefits to organizations:

Keeping everyone informed

Remind employees of upcoming meetings, statutory holidays or changes to policies. Management can also use these communication channels to wish a happy birthday to their employees or invite them to a social event.

Bring teams together

Engage employees by showcasing their achievements will have a significant positive impact on their productivity, their performance, and their retention. Has an employee pushed her limits during a sporting event? Has another exceeded expectations on a given project? Did a colleague distinguish himself by achieving a certification?

Real-time information to facilitate decision-making

Safely share information in real time from databases in various formats: XML, CSV, Excel and API (customized integration). Automated content lets you display relevant information and news effortlessly.

Create omni-channel communication feeds

Easily share communication channels on many tools and devices such as Microsoft Teams, screensavers, digital displays, conference rooms, intranets, smart televisions, video walls, tablets, smart phones, and most devices with a screen.

All the tools you need to create and share content

We believe that companies should be able to easily share communications, and that these should be clear for their audiences. This is why ITESLIVE provides a Web interface with all the functions needed to create, manage and share their communication channels.

This announcement is part of ITESMEDIA’s recent initiatives aimed at transitioning towards a multiplatform communication tool. Through this, ITESLIVE can display content on Windows media player, LG WebOS digital signage, Samsung SSP Tizen digital signage, Android media player, BrightSign media player, Microsoft Teams, screensavers and hyperlinks (hyperlinks can be shared through many devices and tools such as tablets or an intranet, for example).


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