A game changer for digital signage
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Digital signage solution ITESLIVE is a communication and marketing tool enabling you to broadcast multimedia content on any screen. It includes an online content management platform. Users centrally manage their content and distribute it over their network of screens. Historically, the challenge for some customers has been that most versions of digital signage software required expensive hardware or equipment. Such a media player behind each screen.

New ITESLIVE Web version

A key advantage of the new ITESLIVE web version is that it is a cross-platform and can be used on any device equipped with an HTML5 compatible browser (Google Chrome for example). Indeed, this web-based digital signage solution has no dependency on a specific operating system or equipment, which makes it an extremely flexible solution.In other words, this version works seamlessly on Windows, Tizen, WebOS and Chromium. ITESLIVE’s web version is a game changer for digital signage. You will have limitless use case possibilities.

It is also a very inexpensive solution because it does not necessarily require the use of an external drive. The software runs on both an on-screen player and an external player. The solution does not require specific configurations which in the past could generate additional costs.

With the web version, the content is displayed continuously (streaming). This may have an impact on user bandwidth. To help users manage their bandwidth, ITESLIVE is equipped with a bandwidth monitoring tool.

Windows vs Web version

The main difference between a Windows vs. web version is offline operation. With the web version, if the network connection is cut, the display stops. With Windows, if the network connection is interrupted, the display continues as is (without content updates). Aside from that, the web version will have some limitations in terms of possible remote monitoring of the equipment, due to the varied functionalities of different browsers.

30-day free trial

We offer a 30-day free trial to make it easier for companies to communicate with their employees, partners and customers. This includes viewing new safety measures and hygiene reminders. For this purpose, we include free images on the precautionary measures to be taken due to COVID-19.

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