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Organizational culture is a fundamental part of a company’s success –especially in a context of labour shortage, where talent retention can be a challenge. Digital signage can help maintain a positive and motivating organizational culture by enabling efficient communications and strengthening the bond between employees and their organization.

Defining organizational culture

La BDC définit la culture The BDC defines organizational culture as “all of a company’s beliefs, values and attitudes, and how these influence the behaviour of its employees.”[1]

Organizational culture is often expressed through company standards, rules and policies as well as by the way employees interact with one another and with their clients. It can influence the organization’s decisions, goals, processes and results, and significantly impact employee satisfaction, productivity, engagement, loyalty and retention. In other words, organizational culture defines the corporate identity.

Maintain a healthy organizational culture

Organizational culture is often shared informally between co-workers, especially by older employees who share their experience with new ones. However, with today’s hybrid work model, it is harder to pass on knowledge this way.

Digital signage is an efficient solution as it enables sharing content through different channels, such as displays in your office, communication platforms (like Microsoft Teams), or even your employees’ screensavers. This way, your employees stay informed wherever they are working.

Digital signage also helps employees feel closer to their organization by bringing teams together to achieve common goals. For example, employers can highlight the company’s successes or share individual achievements of employees. Motivating and engaging employees can significantly increase their productivity, their performance and their retention.

Companies can leverage digital signage to improve their internal communications by sharing important messages to all of their employees. For example, reminders for important meetings, updates on ongoing projects or congratulations on significant achievements can easily be shared through various channels. Efficient communications help foster a sense of community and unity within organizations and strengthen their culture. Digital signage is a very effective tool to improve internal communications and organizational culture.

Digital signage is a simple and efficient solution that helps keep a strong and positive organizational culture – even in a hybrid work model. By using this technology, organizations can continuously promote their culture and motivate their employees wherever they are.

[1] BDC "Organizational culture" May 30 2023


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