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In a world where the customer experience is a priority, hotels are always looking for ways to stand out from the competition and provide quality services. Digital signage helps guests navigate an interactive platform and easily find all the information they need. This solution is becoming increasingly popular to make your hotel guests’ life easier and provide a memorable experience. Interactive signage offers many distinctive features: here a some of the most popular options.  

Highlight the hotel’s services  

This feature is often used by hotels to help them promote their services such as the spa (massages, treatments…), the pool, the restaurant, the gym, etc. It can display a lot of valuable information for each service such as opening hours, contact person to make a reservation and general guidelines, and is presented in a user-friendly format to make navigation easier. 

Share activities in the area with your guests

Let your guests know about activities and shops around the hotel by displaying a list or sharing them on a map with your screens. You could also show the way to get there and help your guests choose their destinations. This feature helps guests find activities and makes their stay more enjoyable. 

Help your guests find their way 

Help your guests find their way easily with the Wayfinding feature. With this feature, guests can use an interactive map to find their way around the hotel. All they need to do is enter or select their desired location from a list (e.g., pool, conference room, bar, washrooms, gym). Then, once they have made their selection, the way to the destination will appear on the map. 

Manage rooms more easily 

The room management module is designed to automatically display conference rooms, events and room availability on touchscreens, interactive kiosks and displays installed nearby. These displays show information such as the name of the room, the name and duration of the event, whether the room is available or in use, and the time. This feature facilitates room management and optimizes space availability, which in turn improves your employees’ productivity and efficiency: all they need to do is enter the information from a single location, and it will be accessible to anyone. 

Interactive dynamic signage is an ideal solution to help your guests and offers a memorable experience in your hotel. Touchscreens and interactive kiosks display the hotel’s services and share useful information to help guests find their way in the area and discover nearby activities. The Wayfinding feature is also another great way to help guests find their way around the hotel. All these features help improve your guests’ experience – not to mention it also makes your employees’ work easier. With this technology, hotels can improve their image and their appeal, which in turn translates into more loyal guests and improved revenue. 


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