Why you should integrate Microsoft Teams into your digital display network
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In a well-established hybrid work model where employees are either working from home or remotely, companies need to be equipped with omnichannel communication tools. As such, integrating the Microsoft Teams collaborative communication application into a digital signage software lets companies manage messages that need to be displayed on digital displays at the office and on employees’ computers at home from a central location.

Benefits of integrating Microsoft Teams into your digital display network

Change from a single-channel display network to an omnichannel network

By integrating Microsoft Teams into your digital signage network, you can easily share visual communication channels appearing on your digital displays with your employees. Your digital signage software then becomes a global internal communication software that lets you easily share messages, key performance indicators and useful reminders throughout the company by using the channels of your choice, whether by Teams or through other channels supported by your software (for example: screensavers, digital displays, conference rooms, intranets, smart televisions, video walls and hyperlinks).

Reach your employees with a tool they are already using

Your employees are connected to Microsoft Teams all day long and use it to communicate with other colleagues and to access files. Now, they will be able to use it to see messages sent by the company.

Interact with your employees wherever they are

Whether they are at the office, at home or on the move, your employees can access Microsoft Teams – which means you can easily keep everyone informed. Share upcoming meetings, highlight new clients, or display reminders about changes to policies.

Maintain a healthy organizational culture

If you are concerned about maintaining a good organizational culture in a hybrid work model, this integration will help you unite your teams and create a sense of belonging. For example, you could showcase key wins for your company or highlight your employees. Motivating and engaging your employees will have a significant impact on their:

  • Productivity;
  • Performance;
  • Retention.

Safely share sensitive information

Since content is displayed in Microsoft Teams, you are protected by the same safety features the company has implemented. It is therefore simple to control information access and manage the communication channels employees can use.

How to display and manage your content in Microsoft Teams

Digital display suppliers who offer display solutions through Teams have an application that can be installed within Microsoft Teams. Users having the proper credentials can therefore install the application and add communication channels for themselves and for their colleagues.

ITESLIVE into Microsoft Teams
Communication in Microsoft Teams

As for content management, you can use the same software you were already using to manage your digital displays. This way, you will have access to all the features you need to create, manage, and share your communication channels.

Integrating Microsoft Teams into your digital display network is an asset for companies that rely on efficient internal communications to meet the challenges of having employees working from home and of the hybrid work model. Ask your digital display supplier about the omnichannel communication tools available. You can also contact our team at ventes@itesmedia.tv if you have any questions.


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