How to communicate messages better
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Communication tip to improve company culture

Are you ready to communicate your message?

So, you have a great message to share and you think you are ready to launch it into your marketplace. But step back for one minute and think…have you effectively cascaded that announcement about a company acquisition, new partnership deal signed, or killer marketing campaign for a new product launch to your own company’s staff?

Staff are interacting with customers and upholding your brand values everyday – even the ones that are not in sales.

Just because you say you want to communicate something doesn’t mean you’re ready to communicate it. The same goes for someone telling you to communicate on their behalf. You need to ensure that you have all the information required to cascade to stakeholders, all the answers to the questions that will come up and all the appropriate parties involved to ensure successful execution. When you achieve this, your message will be mission accomplished: heard, seen, meaningful and effectively resonate in the tone and manner you intended.

Internal First Checklist for Better Company Culture


An ‘internal first’ policy means employees will be well informed of all company initiatives prior to public launch. Internal first keeps all “in the know” at all times and should be mandated by all departments. Doing so significantly improves employee happiness. Nothing worse than learning about an initiative your company had after the fact, or from someone outside your organization. Employees who are informed are engaged.

There is an art to communicating to all employees. Not everyone one needs the same level of detail. And certainly, not everyone will, or even has access to, read an email announcement. But that limitation should not hold you back. A few well-articulated bullet points or a nice visual (think like an advertisement, but to your staff) is all you need.


Examples what you should communicate internally first are a new strategic partnership in your market or a new marketing campaign. Each are aligned to the values and goals of your brand. So, your staff should be aware first! The key is cascading key communications to all staff in more than one method like email. And making it visual for staff to quickly be informed and comprehend. A little info can go a long way if executed properly. The checklist in this post will help!

Using digital signage, you can send such awareness messages to staff fast, easily and in a visual design that helps them get the high points. Some screens can show a brief FYI – others can offer more info in rotation. Essentially your overall message is consistent. The exact the delivery is tailored to the audience that the digital screen services.

How to:

Initiatives to support Internal First (requirements and considerations):

      Information gathering
    • Have you included all affected departments/employees in your information gathering process?
    • Have you asked all the required questions? If you aren’t sure, don’t wait to be told. Ask the question!
    • Be sure to include those who you think can improve the outcome of your project plan.
      1. Challenge yourself to think outside the box. Who else could provide new considerations that you haven’t thought of yet?

    • What else is being communicated to your target audience at that time?
      1. Is your communication urgent and/or mandatory?
      2. Does it align with other messaging?
      3. Can it be combined with an existing message?
      4. Does your project plan ensure that the message will be communicated at the best time, in the most effective way?

      What communication channels will be used to communicate your message? For example:
    • Digital Signage software
    • Company intranet
    • IT email
    • Support email
    • Marketing email
    • Platform pop-up (within product/technology)
    Internal Awareness Alert
  • The goal is to communicate internally a minimum of 48 hours prior to the external release of information.
  • Internal Awareness Alerts are intended to announce any external, client-facing communications or initiatives (marketing collateral, client communications, marketing campaigns, etc.).
  • Internal awareness of the project initiatives is the responsibility of the project owner.
  • Posting such an alert via digital signage software is optimal here. It is fast, in real time and can be shared to one, some or all screens and devices you need. Each screen can be set to share the appropriate level of detail base on how the screen is used or where the screen is located.
    1. Should you get feedback from stakeholders during your internal first communication window that requires you to adjust your communication, no worries. Digital signage software enables you to make changes and update existing communications in minutes. Always have the best and most current information in the eyes of your staff.


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