10 examples of good content for dynamic signage
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You don’t know which information you should share with your employees? Here are 10 examples of good content you can share through your digital signage network for various industry types.

1. Display production data in real time

Sharing production data in real time with employees helps them see if they are on track to reach company goals. Some employees will feel motivated to see the work that needs to be done before the end of their shift, and others will feel relieved to know they are about to reach their objective. Mangers can use the displayed data to find out where more employees should be assigned to meet the expected results.



2. Show promotions

Display the products you are promoting and increase sales by making our products visible and accessible. Your customers will never miss your promotions since these will be shared on screens through the display software.



3. Display the news

One thing everyone likes to read is the news. Add a news clip to your message list and you will always share the latest headlines. The screens will attract the attention of your customers and employees, making them more receptive to the other messages you are offering.



4. Show your prices and your services

Show your services and prices to clients. The content presented on your screen will help your customers discover the treatments and services you can offer. It is a great way to promote them – and to improve sales, since informed customers are more inclined to make purchases. Services and prices must be showcased to make the clients engage in a purchasing process.



5. Inform travelers in real time

For most people, being on time and planning their trip is very important. As such, knowing the bus, metro and train schedules is a fundamental part of managing a trip. Users need to know the exact times of the different modes of transportation, and having instant access to changes in schedules gives them this opportunity. Dynamic digital signage can show public transit schedules and interruption, delay or cancellation messages in real time.



6. Share project reports

By showing graphics, readers can easily monitor the progression of ongoing projects at a glance. All company managers can see updates on their projects in real time, and they can quickly evaluate if everything is going according to the established schedules and apply the necessary measures.

project process monitoring


7. Introduce your staff members

Introducing your employees also has its advantages. For example, many patients find it reassuring to learn about the doctor they are about to meet. Displayed content helps make the staff more approachable in a beauty salon, a health clinic, a restaurant, etc. Furthermore, showcasing the skills and specializations of a staff member helps customers feel more secure. Here is a good example of presenting a healthcare professional.

Staff member


8. Display customer feedback

Customers’ input is invaluable for businesses as they often influence decisions. Sharing comments made by customers encourages staff members to keep up the good work and recognizes their contribution.

satisfied customer


9. Share information of general interest

Did you know that displaying answers to frequently asked questions helps inform visitors, patients, customers, and even staff members? Not to mention that the automated digital signage software can free up employees’ time.

As shown in the image below, every reader will learn how to find a family doctor, and your employees won’t have to share the information every time; they will therefore be able to use this time to perform other duties. Also, adding answers to frequent questions in the digital signage software is quick and easy. Inform your customers and save time – in a single step.



10. Show videos

Videos are a very popular format. You could share videos about your products or your services, or show customers giving their feedback.

All video formats can be imported directly in the digital signage software – even videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Below is an example of a video that promotes our company’s services.

In short, videos attract your customer’s attention.

Many types of content can be displayed, depending on your sector and your needs. From production data to videos, readers will be attracted by the content you are sharing. Take advantage of our 30-day free software trial and create different content types described in this article, among many others.

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