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ITESMEDIA has decided to go ahead and migrate its servers to the Microsoft Azure CLOUD. Every year, we strive to provide a high quality service to our customers so they can get the most benefits out of it. As a customer of ITESMEDIA, you have a guaranteed access to the latest updates of the applications you use.

"A significant part of our income is invested in the improvement of our software suite," says Richard Fortin, CEO at ITESMEDIA. "Migrating our servers to Microsoft Azure is a part of our strategic plan to strengthen our leadership position in digital signage over the country."


Here are 4 reasons why we are making this technological investment:

1- Protecting our customers' data

Over the past 18 months, ITESMEDIA has redoubled its efforts to improve the protection of its customers' data.

First, we set up a strengthened encryption methodology. Then, we decided to move our servers to Microsoft Azure. We made this decision because Microsoft is the first CLOUD supplier to adopt the new international standard ISO 27018 regarding privacy in the CLOUD.


2- Trusting an approved CLOUD service

The Azure solution has been designed to handle all workloads. More than 66% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure, which offers SLA contracts as well as technical support and an analysis of how services run continuously.

3- Business continuity

Microsoft Azure offers a plan for its users to access their applications and data at any time. If you are out of office without access to your computer, you can still recover your data because it safely lives on the CLOUD. This is business continuity and it’s the reason why ITESMEDIA stores the data of its customers on Azure.

4- The evolution of servers according to the growth of the company

By using Microsoft Azure, ITESMEDIA ensures that its servers are always able to meet the highest demand for its web applications at any time. In other words, we migrated to Azure to offer a robust and flexible infrastructure that will be available at all times.

Because Azure is simple and safe, ITESMEDIA moved its servers to this CLOUD. Our company wanted our data as well as our customer’s data to be safe (in terms of backup and confidentiality). While other CLOUDS are more at risk with regards to data piracy, Azure is the only one to have adopted the new ISO 27018 international standard.

If you have to deal with a digital display situation during a trip or if your computers and monitors are broken, you can always find your data. We wanted to provide our customers an easy way to work from anywhere at any time. In this way, Azure is useful if your business runs in different countries or cities.

We are here to help! Rest assured that we are always there to answer your questions about this change.

Toll-free : 1 800 789-3790  Ext.: 251

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