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Digital signage Software Free vs Paid

You know about digital display, but are having some trouble picking the best software for your needs. Free or paid software? What should good software offer? What are my needs? In the second part of this article, we will present 3 other factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing a digital signage software, whether free or paid.

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Ease of use

The software's ease of use is the most important point to consider. It brings together all the other points of this article.

Free or paid, your choice of digital display software will let you do many things, but how easy is it to use? Will you enjoy or dread using it?

What constitutes easy to use software? It's software that:

  • Is intuitive and user-friendly, which lets you make changes quickly and easily (in less than 3 clicks and less than 30 seconds). This means you don't need to be a professional in computer technology to use it.
  • Offers the features you need and sometimes even some that you didn't know you needed but that make things much easier for you. For example: previewing and integration of different data formats.
  • Automates your on-screen content. Which lets you automatically display any data you possess effortlessly.
  • Is not intimidating.
  • Offers the support you need when you need it.
  • Offers an IT structure (server) that is complete and secure.

In summary, easy to use software frees you from the stress that managing a network of screens could cause.

ITESLIVE logiciel interface


Regardless of your software provider, you may have questions or face problems during your project.

While it is common to offer support, some companies do not, or offers it only partly. Paid software usually offers good support. However, free software often charges fees to access help. In some cases, it is e-mail-only support or phone support at very specific times.

Since we never know when a problem can occur, it is preferable to have a service that can help you when you need it.

Hosting server

An other important factor is the hosting server. Some free software does not always offer this service or does not offer an adequate level of security. It is very important to double check this since if hosting is not offered at all you will need to build your own dedicated server, the cost of which alone justifies the price of paid software. If security is lacking, your data can be at risk or some unwanted content can appear on your screens.

Finally, free software has its advantages and can be a good digital display solution. It can be an interesting option in the beginning, you can then move on to a paid solution as your needs evolve. In any case, it is always preferable to get information before choosing software, whether free or paid. I would like to close by saying that the best solution is the one that will lend an impact greater than efforts (time and money) that you spend on it.


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