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Digital signage is used in different markets to reach various communication goals. Depending on the location, some companies share content in full screen mode, while others choose a multi-zone display. Which way of sharing messages is the best? For internal communications, using a multi-zone display is preferable, but the best scenario is being able to use both and switching between the two options where necessary. 

Multi-zone display 

In corporate and manufacturing companies, multi-zone displays are more prevalent. In these types of environments, digital signage is used to share internal communications with employees. Splitting displays in different zones is a great way to optimize screen space and show different contents simultaneously. The smaller screen zones can display eye-catching content for employees such as the weather, the news, employee birthdays, the consecutive number of days without an accident, public transportation schedules, etc. The more important content is usually displayed in the main zone, which is the largest: real-time production metrics, new regulations, safety reminders, etc. In short, the main benefit is the ability to share many different types of content at the same time instead of just showing a single message in full screen mode. 

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Full-screen display  

Full-screen mode is used to draw attention on a single message and ensure the target audience won’t be distracted or interested by other contents. Companies generally choose this display type only for specific message types: corporate videos, welcome messages, emergency notifications, etc. However, full-screen display should be used sparingly to keep the focus on what is the most important.  


Most digital signage software let you divide your screens in different zones or display your content in full screen mode. For internal communications in manufacturing companies, priority should be given to multi-zone displays to optimize screen space and share different content types simultaneously. 


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