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The ITESLIVE dynamic digital signage software now enables you to display content from a device connected to the input source of a display (or a media player). For example, you could share television channels of your choice in one of the display zones of your display network through a connection to a television receiver.

Your employees want to watch television during their lunch breaks, but you would like to use this valuable time to share important messages with them? You can now do both at the same time. For example, you could display a television channel of your choice in the main zone and use the secondary zones to share your important messages.

Digital signage - television

The same settings for other types of clips are available here, such as clip duration, message list order, volume, repetitions and start and end dates. You could choose to display television channels only from 12 pm to 1 pm, and display important content on all zones for the rest of the day (such as vacant positions, safety reminders, messages from HR, etc.). Conversely, you could keep television channels on your display’s main zone at all times, for example during the Olympics. It is also possible to display television channels in a full screen format if you wish.

Television channels are only one possibility: you could also display other types of content, such as pictures from a camera, since the “Input Source” feature lets you share content from one of the input sources (i.e., “HDMI In”) connected to the display or the display reader.

With this new feature available on all platforms, the ITESLIVE studio offers you even more flexibility. For any questions, please contact us at or visit our online knowledge base.


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