Holiday content ideas
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The last quarter before the holiday season is always the busiest. In most industries, everybody wants everything done before taking time off. It is important to remember to change or add content related to the holidays: it creates a warm atmosphere for the occasion. Digital signage is a key element to engage, inform and entertain people almost everywhere they gather. Here are some examples of shareable content.

Expressing your gratitude

This is the time of year where employees are at their busiest – and where they feel the most stress. You can take this opportunity to make their day more fun by sharing positive messages like congratulations or thank-you messages. Express your pride and your gratitude for the work they do every day. It might sound trivial, but it is actually quite the opposite: people appreciate when their work is recognized and when they are told that they make a difference in the company.


Holiday content

Help employees get into the holiday spirit by creating a warm atmosphere during this special time that comes only once a year. For example, you can share “Did you know?” messages about Christmas, or wish your employees happy holidays or a pleasant time off from work. Don’t forget to display the days when your business will be closed as well as special opening hours during this period. You can also take this opportunity to share information about special events such as Christmas dinners, gift exchanges, happy hour gatherings after work, etc. All these messages will create a festive mood at work.

Holiday content
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Display your promotions

Customers are overwhelmed with promotional content and information about the approaching holidays. To make your messages stand out, you must use other types of communications such as a digital signage solution. This solution enables you to share your offers and holiday specials, and ensure visitors won’t miss your special offers. You can easily share your messages directly through the digital display software, whether they are about a flash sale, product rebates or promotional items. Furthermore, when creating messages for a flash sale, you can set the end time and day to stop sharing messages when the promotion is over. Content is managed remotely and in real time: it’s an efficient way to manage messages and ensure displays stay up to date.

The holidays are a great time to express gratitude towards employees, and this type of content created for these occasions is always appreciated. And let’s not forget that this is the time when people are looking for Christmas gifts, which means that showing your special offers to customers is a great way to increase sales.


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