digital signage: an innovation for manufacturing
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Manufacturing companies have experienced a bit of struggle in recent years. Globalization and instability in some parts of the world have forced them to get ahead of the game on the productivity level as well as staff management. However, getting ahead of the game or innovating, often entails high implementation costs and for this reason, corporate leadership can be reluctant to invest, afraid that the risk would not pay off. Therefore, it is important for business managers to analyze the different solutions offered in order to make an informed decision.

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Companies like ArcelorMittal and Domtar have chosen to make this technological turn and it might as well be a feasible solution for your manufacturing company. In this article, we will present you with the many reasons why this technology could help and allow you to innovate.

Data automation

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In business, time is a rare commodity. Leaders are often running out of time and as a consequence, communication with the staff becomes almost inexistent. A digital display allows you to communicate multiple messages and performance metrics in an automated way. In fact, since your digital display screens are directly connected to your databases, it is possible to communicate, for example, the number of products delivered today in real time. Thus, anyone who does not necessarily have access to a computer will be able to see the results. Employees will be aware of their performance in real time without any human intervention.


Employee motivation at Domtar

Domtar, a Québec paper company, uses digital display screens inside its factory to broadcast personalized messages, to remind employees of the company's culture and to show performance indicators. Domtar notes that digital signage plays an important role in the factory, as employees are more motivated and, as a result, more productive. Indeed, being aware of the periodic performance of the company, employees feel more involved and thus more motivated.

What relevant information and data should you display on your screens?

The data presented on your screens may seem trivial to you, but your employees like to see the concrete result of the work they perform day after day. An employee involved is certainly a more efficient one.

More dynamic communications

Here is a demo that shows what can be displayed on a screen

A digital display is much more dynamic than a paper display. Your screens will catch everyone’s eye because you can integrate colors, movements, videos, photos, etc. The possibilities are endless!  Given the speed, simplicity and easy updating, you will be able to change the content of your screens, as you deem necessary.

The renewed content will contribute to the enthusiasm of your audience. Your employees won’t get tired of seeing the same image when entering their department, on the contrary. They will be much more receptive to your messages because they will be dynamic and ever changing.

Reducing your ecological footprint

By using digital display screens, you will inevitably reduce your ink and paper consumption. This will help reduce your company's ecological footprint.  Most companies want to go green for a multitude of reasons. For many, a green shift is synonymous with modernity and contributes to the well being of society. Reducing paper consumption as well as the use of other natural resources is part of that initiative. For others, it is a long-term economic investment. Of course, digital signage requires a greater investment to get started. However, it does not require buying new equipment later on to make your screens work.

Prevent costly work accidents

prevent work accidents

According to IRSST (Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail), a work accident costs on average $ 35,000 to a company. Consequently, it is important to procure a safe work environment to prevent work accidents. By using digital signage screens, you can spread prevention messages that can help reduce the number of work accidents in your factory. Remind your employees of the basics of safe work and always show them new ways to work safely an efficiently. Show them videos on a variety of topics (such as how to lift a heavy load). It will also allow you to quickly communicate an emergency message across the factory through your display network.

Don’t hesitate to include a chart with the number of days since the last work accident occurred in the factory. This will motivate your employees to be more careful in order to increase accident-free workdays on the chart. It’s a healthy competition and everyone is a winner!  

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Finally, just like all communication tools, the purpose of digital signage is to convey information. Whether you want to use your screens to motivate your employees, dynamize your communications or reduce your company's ecological footprint, digital signage can help you innovate and make you stand out from your competitors! So tell us, which technology are you using to innovate on a communication level with your staff?

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