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Is your digital signage content adapted to the upcoming holiday season, and will it be ready for it? Adding and adjusting content for the holidays can create a warm atmosphere for this time of year; here are some shareable content ideas.

Images et photos

Sharing wintertime images is the best way to get your employees and your visitors into the holiday spirit. ITESMEDIA has created a free holiday-themed image bank that can be accessed by all customers from inside the software.

holiday content

Share your office party pictures the day after the event (or a few days afterwards) on the screens of your communication network – this type of content always brings team members together.

christmas party

Year-end review

The end of the year is an opportunity to look back on the company’s achievements over the year. It’s the perfect moment to share employee successes, give thanks, show graphs illustrating the actual performance compared to the objectives set at the beginning of the year, display positive comments from customers, etc. – in short, show that you are proud of your employees and are happy with the work they do every day. Everyone likes to be recognized for their work and to feel they are making a difference within the company.

digital signage congratulations

Messages from human resources

Sharing details about the holiday season is important as it ensures everyone has access to the same, accurate information. For instance, you can inform employees about the upcoming pay period, the deadline to submit vacation days or the last day to RSVP for the office holiday party. Reminders can also be very important, such as the next scheduled team meeting or information about the holiday party (location, date and time). All related information must be clearly displayed.

Showcase holiday promotions

Digital signage is a great tool to advertise your promotional content whenever you choose. Share your holiday offers and rebates to ensure your visitors won’t miss your promotions. During the message creation process to advertise a flash sale, you can set up the time and the day of the end of the promotion. Content is managed remotely and in real time, which ensures messages can be efficiently monitored and kept up to date. Digital signage is also much more effective than more traditional communication tools such as emails or static paper posters.

The holiday season is a great time to share positive and engaging content. Digital signage is the perfect tool to provide winter-themed content, and help employees get in the holiday spirit, communicate messages expressing gratitude towards your employees, share the year-end results and display important communications and promotions.


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