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Project description

The renovation center Patrick Morin, which currently has a network of 21 branches throughout Quebec, was having difficulty communicating with its many employees. According to the company's human resources manager, Jean-Philippe Lavoie, it is quite the challenge to communicate effectively with 21 branches. Following several discussions and a research period, the communications team of Groupe Patrick Morin decided to implement a digital signage network in the rest areas dedicated to employees in order to share and display various messages.

Project objectives

  • To communicate clearly and effectively important messages in a standardized way;
  • To display prevention reminders on occupational safety and health;
  • To customize messages for each branch.

Sujet: Jean-François Lavoie, Human ressources director and Marie-Ève Rousseau, Health, safety and human ressources advisor at Patrick Morin


Video transcription

[Patrick Morin] counts 21 branches throughout Québec. You can easily imagine the communication challenge we face.

The development of the project was quite simple; you don’t need an IT or communication training.

It was clear and concise.

ITESMEDIA was more than a simple supplier in this project.

They were like partners and supported us from the beginning of the project and still today.

I first met Richard Fortin; he explained to me how the platform works.

Then, Richard sent me a platform to work on my content strategy.

The platform was very detailed: what content to use, how to display it on the screen, who should be the person in charge and how frequently we should update the content.

After entering the data on the platform, everything started working very fast and we didn’t have to manage anything.

There are 3 advantages to digital signage.

The first is uniformity. We are able to standardize our messages for all 21 branches.

The second advantage is customization. We need to be able to send customized message to each branch.

All branches will not necessarily receive the same messages.

The last one is spontaneity.

We need to be able to send messages very quickly according to our needs or the urgency of the situation.

ITESLIVE is so easy to work with.

First, we create mailing lists and with these, I create all the messages I need.

It's easy to create and we can quickly visualize our display.

When satisfied with the result, just click on "save" and it goes live.

The response from the management and colleagues was excellent.

They noticed that we were going to have a much more effective communication with our stores.

Writing a long release can take over 30 minutes, not counting getting it approved.

With the platform, we only need to write a few lines and display it in an attractive way.

Now, a 30-minute task can be done in just 5 minutes.

We have to adapt to the various and more modern ways to communicate with our in-store customers.

Digital signage is a pretty nice tool. We knew we had to explore that avenue.

I do not hesitate to recommend ITESMEDIA for all your digital communications solutions.


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