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Today, it is increasingly difficult to capture the attention of people and yet the advertising always has a high cost. A real estate broker has no choice, he must make a minimum of advertising if he wants to sell. A new tool is currently changing the game for brokers: dynamic digital display. It allows them to attract new buyers and help visitors in their research. Dynamic digital display can actually help real estate office at driving up revenues.

Increasing your income

When a prospective buyer is in your office, it is the perfect opportunity to showcase your properties on screens. You make sure to have his attention on your product. Indeed, the chances of concluding a transaction are much higher this way, with the client constantly looking at properties that he might like. You may lose his interest and he will surely start looking elsewhere if the product isn’t shown directly to him.

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There is no loss of time in selecting the content and media on which you are going to advertise. It is a simple and effective solution that brings real results. We are no longer talking about placing advertisements in documents distributed to homes that people hardly ever open. Rather, it is a strategy in line with today's reality.


Customizing the screen in an intuitive way

The screen is divided into several zones. Generally, the time and temperature are at the bottom of the screen. Then we find the name of your real estate agency in the upper left corner, which is very important to remind future buyers of who you are. Moreover, in the bottom of your screen, you can sell advertising space, providing some income. So if your information is arranged effectively, you have great chances to catch the eye of passers-by, who may become customers.

Finding advertisers

Some providers are helping you throughout the process, either to find advertisers or to create the content appearing on the screens. When speaking of advertisers, your provider may suggest some people to contact, give you a price list so that you have an idea of how much the space his worth, etc. So you can effectively manage the content found on your screens and make it interesting for both you and buyers.

Placing a screen in a showcase

If your screen is in a showcase, it is better to make the property the center of attention and add some general information. This is the best way to give visibility to your property and if people are interested, they will take a closer look or even come into your office for more details.

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Touchscreen or not inside the office

You can put two properties one next to the other with the broker's name, photograph and contact information to join. There's also important information to add and obviously the images of the properties which need to be there. You can afford to display both at once because your clients are close to them. There is also the option to scroll through a list of homes on the screen. The advantage with a touchscreen is to make it an interactive experience for the customer. He can click on a property that arouses interest, or otherwise, skip to the next.

In addition, you can control the frequency at which a property is displayed on the screen to highlight the ones you really want to promote.

In short, the digital display is a very important asset in order to make low cost interactive advertising and is very effective in attracting people's attention.

What are you waiting for? Start using a simple way to increase your visibility really fast.


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