Published on 03 April 2019 | Richard Fortin |

The Real Cost of Free Digital Signage Software

Do you remember the last time you downloaded a new, free software for your business? You had to learn how to use it and then train all your staff. When something went wrong you were the one everyone came to with questions. You were spending evenings and weekends updating the software so the latest version was ready to go on Monday morning. You quickly realized your productivity was declining and you still weren’t seeing a return on investment.

All of a sudden that free software isn’t really free anymore. Your digital signage software doesn’t have to be that way.

We recently heard from a real estate brokerage that hired an employee to work for $20 an hour, 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 8 weeks (that’s $4,800). This employee was to build a PowerPoint presentation as part of the business’s communication strategy to engage employees and customer. The presentation would run on a computer monitor in their front lobby and showcase a slide about their agents, a few slides for currently listings, a few slides for open houses, and so on. So what’s the problem? Well, to start, the presentation would be out of date as soon as a property sold or an open house ended.

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Now, imagine if that broker had invested that $4,800 in an automated digital signage solution that synced with existing technologies used by the brokerage to share information in real time. They’d have money to spare and immediate ROI. Also, the investment allocated to digital signage software would service the office over a long period of time, with dynamic content versus the manually 8-week effort needing to be repeated.

Free is only free when you first click download. Ongoing work and user experience will fall short of expectations and cost your team valuable time with low value tasks.

Don’t fall victim to the free software struggle. Get your complementary digital signage solution quote and demo today and find out how easy and affordable it is for you to get started on a proper system, designed for you.