The Six Benefits of Digital Signage in a Real Estate Agency

The management of a real estate agency requires good communication with both clients and brokers. A well-worded message will reach its recipient almost effortlessly. If you are looking for new ways to communicate, have you thought about using digital signage? This tool could help you reach your communication goals. In this article, you will learn the benefits of using digital signage in real estate agencies.

1. Gain the confidence of your customers

First of all, digital screens can be used to communicate customer feedback. Set them up inside your office to motivate your brokers: mention their work and let them know that it is recognized and appreciated, and encourage them to become more involved in your agency. Also, display the same comments on the screen installed in the office window; Passers-by will see that other customers have been satisfied with the service they have received and this will certainly make them consider your offer.  


2. A modern image

A digital sceen installed in your office window will help modernize the image of your agency. In addition, the screen will help attract potential customers inside. You will then have a first contact with customers, which will give you the opportunity to establish a trusting relationship with them, all thanks to your screen.


3. Highlight your properties

It is essential to showcase properties on your digital screens, both for brokers and for customers. Diffuse the new properties on the market, the ones that have undergone a price change, those that must be sold quickly, those that are to be rented, and so on. Don’t forget to provide the contact information of the brokers who sell these homes to facilitate first contact. Finally, if you have videos of new properties, it would be appropriate to show them on your digital screens to better show their full potential.  


4. Show videos of your properties

Investing in quality videos in order to sell a home is a method increasingly used by brokers. However, these videos are sometimes difficult to find on the websites of real estate agencies. That’s why it’s to your advantage to show them on your screens: the prospective customer will see the video in addition to accessing the property-specific information and the broker’s contact information.


5. Real estate market news

Other types of information can be disseminated on your screens such as news, weather, or news directly related to the real estate field. Passers-by do not necessarily know all the laws and all their rights with respect to the purchase or sale of a property. Inform them of the resources and financing options available to them and the steps they should take as future buyers. Disseminate relevant information for both first-time buyers and regular market participants.


6. Automatic update

In addition to bringing potential customers inside your office and encouraging your employees to get more involved in your agency, using digital signage displays will save you a lot of money as the whole process up to the dissemination of information is computerized (making you save considerably in printing and distribution costs). You will equally save in time; Updating your screens is simple and fast. You can change the content instantly. In fact,  is very important that the content be updated regularly to ensure that the properties showcased are indeed available and not already sold.


Digital screens are definitely very useful when you own a real estate agency. The screens can be used to attract customers inside the office and to motivate your brokers by communicating positive testimonials of satisfied customers.  


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7 thoughts on “The Six Benefits of Digital Signage in a Real Estate Agency

  1. High Return Real Estate

    I think having a digital screen on display inside the office and in the window is a great idea. It will get people’s attention and hopefully bring them inside. I also think that it is a great way to save money considering you can put any image that you want on the screen. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cédric Lacasse Post author

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, digital signage is a great way to get people’s attention and convert potential clients. Let us know if we can help you with anything.

  2. Trish Nash Henderson Real Estate

    This is great, I’m going to get some digital signage done for our office just for the “highlight your properties” idea! I love it. Maybe even a banner at the bottom of the screen simultaneously showing local market news.. Thanks for sharing this!


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