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Digital signage: An innovation for manufacturing companies?

Manufacturing companies have experienced a bit of struggle in recent years. Globalization and instability in some parts of the world have forced them to get ahead of the game on the productivity level as well as staff management. However, getting ahead of the game or innovating, often entails high implementation costs and for this reason, corporate leadership can be reluctant to invest, afraid that the risk would not pay off. Therefore, it is important for business managers to analyze the different solutions offered in order to make an informed decision.

Are you familiar with digital signage? Companies like Arcelor Mital and Domtar have chosen to make this technological turn and it might as well be a feasible solution for your manufacturing company. In this article, we will present you with the many reasons why this technology could help and allow you to innovate.

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The Six Benefits of Digital Signage in a Real Estate Agency

The management of a real estate agency requires good communication with both clients and brokers. A well-worded message will reach its recipient almost effortlessly. If you are looking for new ways to communicate, have you thought about using digital signage? This tool could help you reach your communication goals. In this article, you will learn the benefits of using digital signage in real estate agencies.

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Affichage numérique pour les courtiers

How do you encourage your brokers to get more involved in your real estate agency?

Have you ever wondered how to encourage your brokers to get more involved in your real estate agency? Despite a decline in the number of potential buyers, brokers continue to come to the office and work on various files. The previous article discussed the different uses of digital signage for potential buyers. This time, we will discuss the benefits of using digital signage for internal communications with your brokers and agency staff.

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Richard Fortin de ITESMEDIA et l'équipe de Pompe Média

New partnership between Pompe Média and ITESMEDIA

ITESMEDIA and Pompe Média have joined forces to create a unique project in the province of Quebec.

On January 16th, we proceeded with the first installation of digital signage monitors on gasoline pumps in Montreal North.

The challenge was to operate the equipment outdoors with the extreme temperatures we are experiencing in the city. Read our last article on the subject: How does outdoor digital signage survive Québec’s winter? We also installed our software solution to manage the content displayed on these screens.

This project will reach thousands of drivers every week. Pompe Média plans to expand its network nationwide to have a wider reach.

Congratulations to our client Pompe Média for this innovative project.

A few pictures of the project:

Using Digital Signage: Food Service Industry

As we previously discussed in the first article of this series, the real estate industry is increasingly using digital signage to communicate with clients. In the same line of thoughts, we would like to give you another example of the use of dynamic digital display but this time, in the food service industry.


In recent years, you may have noticed the rising number of digital screens in restaurants. Many fast food chains now use digital screens. Initially, these screens were used in restaurants to broadcast the menu just over the cash registers. It was an innovation for several reasons: the colors were dynamic, people had a sense of novelty and the paper menus were replaced for something greener.

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How does outdoor digital signage survive Québec’s winter ?

Outdoor digital signage is a very effective way to reach a broad audience. During summer, things are simple because of the mild weather conditions which help the screens and the installations function properly. However, several factors can affect your installations during the winter season. For this reason, we decided to write an article to help you understand how outdoor digital signage holds up during the winter season.

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Using Digital Signage: Real Estate Offices

Using Digital Signage: Real Estate Offices


Nowadays, we notice that digital signage has a significant impact in several fields. Therefore we thought pertinent to write a series of articles on its many aspects. This article is the first of the series and focuses on digital signage in the field of real estate.

The real estate market is a field that has evolved tremendously in recent years, especially from a technological point of view. Most brokers are now active on social media and offer digital content such as photos and virtual tours knowing that prospective buyers and sellers spend a lot of time doing research on the Internet before contacting a broker. As a result, real estate offices experienced a significant decline in ridership. Consequently, agency owners had no choice but to modernize and enhance their promotional tools.

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Why did we migrate to Microsoft Azure?

ITESMEDIA has decided to go ahead and migrate its servers to the Microsoft Azure CLOUD. Every year, we strive to provide a high quality service to our customers so they can get the most benefits out of it. As a customer of ITESMEDIA, you have a guaranteed access to the latest updates of the applications you use.

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Business innovation using digital display (Part 1)

This article is the first in a series of two about business innovation using digital display. Communication is a key element for any company that wants to stand out from the rest. Yet most of them still use old methods and don’t want to take advantage of the new technologies now available to communicate with their employees. This article gives you 5 different ways to improve communication within your company using digital display.

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