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Prévention d'accidents de travail

How to prevent work-related accidents with digital dynamic display

Too often, we hear reports about work-related accidents in the media. However, the government has intensified efforts in the past, just think of its advertising campaign with Claude Legault. Despite all this, many companies don’t do enough to prevent accidents in the workplace. With all means available to prevent these tragic events, it is unfortunate to note that still far too many people come home injured at the end of the day, or even worse, simply never come back.

Work-related accidents statistics:

Last year in Quebec, no less than 224 workers were injured every day, almost 82 000 workers have been victims of an accident at work during the year and 69 of them died. In addition, 127 workers died from occupational diseases. It is easy to believe that many of them could have been saved with more effective prevention in the company.

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