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The digital out of home … is it efficient

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The digital out of home … is it efficient? Richard Fortin CEO ITESMEDIA

Advantages of digital signage

The main advantages of digital signage and interactive kiosks are the multitude of content and that this content can be displayed instantly.

These advantages allow to adapt the contents as needed and targets your audiences even if they are very specific.

Content automation is becoming more common to digital signage and this allows vital information to be displayed with very little effort.

Digital signage, a powerful communication tool.

Digital signage can help any type of business from public transport to the medical field through manufacturing plants.

Digital signage is a powerful communication tool that can be used in different ways, such as:

2Training, advertising, broadcasting of real-time information intended for your users, merchandising or communication of specific information such as performance indicators.

The digital display allows you to capture the attention up to 78% of the people exposed to it and will trigger an action in 50% of it<s captivated audience.

How to go digital without failure?

Many companies want to go digital, some begin with purchasing a TV, then proceed with downloading free software on the Internet and attempting to develop content for days and even weeks to realize that the task can be complex and very difficult. The layout and content consistency must be supported by a strategy to impact the target audience and to do so efficiently in time.

Working with experts matters

Unless you decide to hire employees who have already realized projects in signage and train them in your company to manage your project, it is best to work with specialized companies that are recognized in their fields. They will be able to show you their expertise. Digital signage is a relatively new field, they have acquired their expertise by producing quality projects, but especially from having learned from their failures. They will help you avoid the most common mistakes that undermine the impact of a digital signage project.

The biggest benefit is that your solution partner is to be able to deliver a complete and customized turnkey solution to your specific requirements.

It will accompany you throughout the stages of your project, beginning with:

A needs analysis, the development of content strategy based on your business objectives, the realization of the content, the right choice of equipment, professional installation and the necessary after-sales support.

This approach will allow you to achieve your goals swiftly with a minimum of risk and above all will give you a return on investment much faster than the trial and error method.